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isoparadigm's Journal

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IsoParadigm is a scanlation group that formed because of Vassalord. by Chrono Nanae. Ever since the release of the first volume in tankoubon form, yiching (a crazy fan of Chrono Nanae) had been desperately trying to find a group that would scanlate the series. Only a few peope had ever heard of it and no one knew of anyone else who was planning to scanlate it.

Several months later, there was still no news of any plans by existing scanlation groups to pick up Vassalord. as a new project, so a new group was formed from friends who were kind enough to offer to help.

We hope you enjoy the releases! Please direct any questions or comments to either one of the mods. We're very easygoing people, so please don't ever hesitate to contact us by leaving a LJ comment or sending an e-mail to:


٭ yiching {founder & scanner}
٭ ihearyourtears {editor, design/graphics}
* ah_chan {translator}
* julineh {editor}
* yakinigiri {editor}

Joint partner:
٭ sanada of Hana-mi {translator for Vassalord.}
::Affiliates & Misc.::
Hana-mi {joint partner}
boys_paper {pretty boys scans community}

Be sure to check out our F.A.Q. before asking any questions. Thank you!

New policy [07-30-07]: Membership is moderated. Please read and follow these directions before attempting to join. ♥